Diplomats successfully self-register, census for the diaspora continues

15 March 2021

Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani today at a press conference informed that with the end of the 15th day since the start of the census, the last census day for registration of diplomats and their families, according to information received from our diplomatic missions and consular posts, the diplomats and the members of their families have successfully completed this process.

“The census for the diaspora continues until 21 April, or for 35 more days, which is an adequate period for every one of our citizens abroad to exercise this right. The census is an important thing, and the participation of the diaspora means a correct mapping of the distribution of our citizens abroad. The results are important for us in terms of providing a basis for adopting development policies founded on precise date that in turn, will be of direct benefit to the citizens, to our diaspora”, Osmani emphasised.

 The success of the census for the diplomatic network is a success for the functionality of the census system, as well as success of the diplomatic network in dissemination of information about the census and dealing with daily challenges, Osmani emphasised, in the context of the completion of this stage of the 2021 Census process.

Osmani also briefed on the other activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as his diplomatic activities focused on this process. 

“The working group in the MFA is practically in constant session, we continuously monitor the work of the DMCP,our phone lines remain open and are used effectively, Embassies and consulates are working intensively with citizens’ associations and religious associations – in a way the whole network is placed in the focus of this process as their first priority. As part of my diplomatic activities, last Monday I paid a working visit to Rome, where in addition to meetings with state leaders I also met with representatives of our associations active in Italy. I openly asked for their support and received it, I called for their active mobilization, in order to jointly spread information about the importance of the census to our citizens abroad. Tomorrow I leave for Switzerland, followed by Madrid, where in addition to official meetings I have a high number of meetings with representatives of our diaspora on mu agenda as well”, Osmani emphasised.

The Minister asked the media for cooperation, through their programmes, reports and announcements to animate not only citizens of our country, but our citizens abroad who watch their programmes.