Ambassadorial meeting at the MFA on the occasion of the first anniversary of NATO membership

27 March 2021

 On the occasion of the marking of the anniversary of the Republic of North Macedonia joining NATO, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani gathered the heads of DMCP of the Republic of North Macedonia accredited to EU member states and the permanent posts to EU and NATO at a thematic working meeting.

“Just three days ago I returned from the two-day North Atlantic Council in Brussels, where for the first time we literally physically sat at the table, side by side with the strongest countries in the world. Allow me today, at this jubilee, to relay to you that we represent our country in NATO with dignity and at high level, with full technical and personnel capacity in our mission, as befits a country – member of the Alliance. This jubilee was one of the reasons I called here the Heads of Diplomatic Missions and Consular Posts of our country, accredited to EU member states. Today, with our Ambassadors we will not only mark the anniversary, but we will substantially analyse what has been done so far; we will recapitulate, make a cross-section of our NATO membership and determine the course of our future diplomatic actions as full-fledged Alliance member”, Osmani said.

In terms of the European perspective of the country, Osmani noted:

“The European file of the country will undoubtedly have a high place on the agenda of this thematic meeting. I expect to receive precise information about the political situations and the views of EU member states to which the Ambassadors have been accredited. The circumstances are such that in the next two months we have a window of opportunity to the June EU summits. That is a less than three months period in which we expect increased diplomatic activity both from the European administration and from the Union member states, in order to complete our European file and open negotiations.”

In the afternoon of the thematic working meeting, individual sessions will be held with President StevoPendarovski, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, and the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of European Affairs, Nikola Dimitrov.